Below the Surface: Going Deep for God

I was in an existential funk questioning my purpose, God’s plan for me, and the universality of suffering.  Someone suggested as a solution that  I should be more shallow.  While I understood the spirit of love in which it was made, it was a funny thing to hear.

Besides, I’ve tried.  I’ve wrapped my self in the superficial that society hawks.  But when my closet starts to cram contents together, I am more interested in streamlining than another sale.

I am always telling my boys when they ask to buy something (that they already own four of) that it’s not going to fill them. I tell them God is the only one who can do that.  Of course, this does little to discourage their desires.  Still, I hope the message eventually settles in.

There’s nothing wrong with having nice things, enjoying a good sale, or a great pair of shoes, but the joy it brings is superficial, unsustainable, and nothing like the satisfaction we get from a relationship with God.  Thinking about the work of mercy to clothe the naked, it seems almost archaic considering the number of clothes we all own.  I recently visited several thrift stores for an outfit for an upcoming 80s fundraiser, and I was struck by the volume of clothes in these warehouse-size buildings.  It was astounding.  And while I understand that there are many areas in which this work of mercy still applies, such as a woman fleeing an abusive relationship, families who lose everything in natural disasters, poor families who can’t afford to replace their children’s outgrown clothes, and the homeless who lack proper shoes or jackets, I can’t help but think of clothing the naked on a deeper level.

What if it’s to clothe the nakedness of our soul with the regal garment of God’s love?  What if it’s to cover those who are suffering with the balm of God’s mercy?  What if it’s to armor ourselves in the teachings of scripture?  What if it’s to wear the truth of God so that others may know him?

When I try to teach my kids that the material is not going to fill them, I am not just trying to get them to save their money, or be satisfied with their blessings, I really believe that things of this world will not fill us.  And no matter what you consider your level of depth, I believe we have a longing that seems esoteric by the world’s standards, yet we still feel the ache of that emptiness.  We were created to love, obey, and serve God, so this longing is innate.  Maybe we try to fill it with busyness, professions, altruism, or pleasurable activities, but it’s really only satisfied when we are living in communion with God.

So when I go deep, I am not trying to make life more complicated than it already is or discount the joys that surround me, I’m searching for a deeper relationship with God.  This may seem like a downer, but life’s greatest treasures rarely sit on the surface.

Do you ever feel that longing for God?  How do address it? Miss last week’s post?

2 thoughts on “Below the Surface: Going Deep for God

  • September 4, 2018 at 12:14 pm

    I think we all need to do whatever Makes You a Better You. After attending mass, I am happy with myself. After a good workout, I am happy with myself. When I am in a new outfit, I am happy with myself. So channeling all that happiness (wherever it comes from) AND sharing it with others, that is how we spread God’s love! So even if buying a new outfit is shallow, the joy we feel and spread is not.
    However you get there, find the joy in your heart and share ❤️

    • September 4, 2018 at 9:09 pm

      Amen! Love the positivity in your comment! Spreading God’s joy is something the world desperately needs. Maybe if we all embraced more of what fills us we would have more to share with others. This applies to mercy too – if we practice mercy towards oneself we are more likely and available to share compassion with others. Thank you for the inspiring words!

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